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The story behind Annabelle Blackstone

Annabelle Blackstone was created to share Selena's love of vintage and antique jewellery with the world. The story begins with Selena's two Nanna's sharing their love of fine jewellery with her as a little girl.

Like most young girls, Selena loved playing dress ups in her Nanna's jewellery box, such memories evoke love, warmth and endearment for her. Both of her Nanna's had a profound impact on her love of history and fine jewellery. You will notice that the photo on the home page is actually of one of her Nanna's & Grandpa from the 1930's.

As an avid history lover, Selena adores a bygone where people reveled in the idea of receiving a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery. A time where master jewellers created bespoke jewellery using time honoured techniques, hand faceting old gemstones and diamonds into masterpieces created in platinum and gold. Little known to them that these pieces would become a piece wearable art history for generations to come.

Selena hopes that you find a piece that a piece speaks to you, ready for you to add your love own story to its history...