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The story behind Annabelle Blackstone

The story behind Annabelle Blackstone begins with my two Nanna's sharing their love of fine jewellery with me as a little girl.

Like most young girls, I loved playing dress ups in my Nanna's jewellery box and it evokes beautiful memories for me of love, warmth and endearment. 

Both of my Nanna's had a profound impact on my love and design and fine jewellery. Even though they both had distinct styles, I hope to bring together the love of fine jewellery and the symbolism and energy that each precious gemstone is said to radiate.

As an avid history lover, I adore a time long gone where people reveled in the idea of receiving a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery. A time where master jewellers created bespoke jewellery using time honoured techniques to hand facet old gemstones and diamonds into masterpieces created in platinum and gold.