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About Me

Annabelle Blackstone was created by Selena's life long love of fine jewellery and gemstones.

Selena feels that every woman should be able to wear fine jewellery everyday and not just for se,

I have always adored, loved & have been fascinated with history & antique jewellery for as long as I remember. (you could say that I am a bit of a romantic!)
My love first began as a young girl when my grandma passed down to me her beloved grandmothers ring, I was (and still is) amazed that this ring has never been altered (the 3 of us had the same size finger) and that it looks as perfect as the day that it was first bought for her. The craftsmanship, the diamonds, everything is in perfect symmetry. It is a gift that I truly cherish & hope to one day hope to pass down to my daughter. This one ring cemented my lifelong love & passion for antique jewellery.
I have often been told that I have an eye for finding gorgeous one of a kind rings which I source from all of the world, I search high & low for all the pieces in my store, each piece is carefully selected  based on its condition, uniqueness, quality & aesthetics, each ring is heirloom quality & you are guaranteed never to see the same ring on anyone else's finger.
My husband has affectionately named me the 'antique ring hunter!'

Being a former bride myself, I understand first hand  that each woman has her own distinctive style and that each woman is unique.  Each ring has a history attached to it & is waiting for you to add your own special story to it. Each ring is as unique as the person that it is intended for, the rings showcase a craftsmanship that is all too lost for today's hunger for mass production and a fast turn around time. These rings come from a time when people valued a beautiful piece of jewellery, when time was a thing to be enjoyed & reveled in.