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About Selena

I have always had a passion for design and fine jewellery. Since I was a little girl, designing and creating has always been a way to express myself and feel that connection to my creative side.

Annabelle Blackstone brings together my love of colour and semi precious gemstones. My jewellery could be described as joyful and exuberant which not only looks beautiful, but makes you feel beautiful.

Each piece features only ethically sourced gemstones. Every gemstone has been intentionally chosen not just for its aesthetic quality, but for the symbolism that the energy that radiates from within it.

When choosing a piece of fine jewellery, it is important to let the piece speak to you. You should feel that connection even though you are physically unable to feel/see it. I believe that fine jewellery should be a tangible expression of your own personal experience whether is be for an engagement, a gift for another or a gift for yourself to symbolise an important milestone.

I love spending time with my family, a good coffee, taking photos out in nature, feeling the sand and the warm ocean waves between my toes, enjoying music and eating my husbands latest culinary creation. I also have a weakness for a good blue cheese.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to request a custom order as I would love to hear from you.